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Posted by Administrator (admin) on Sep 05 2018
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Who Are We?
Welcome to our new blog!  The North Alabama Veterans and Fraternal Organizations Coalition (NAVFOC) is an umbrella organization that consists of a Board of Directors and over 50 affiliate organizations.

What Do We Do?

The Board serves as a conduit of information, allowing our affiliate organizations to assist each other and support each other's events, including fundraisers and ceremonies recognizing people within the community.  The Board also lends a hand - or 20 - in support of these great events.  We are even able to provide limited liability insurance for our organizations to use during events, which helps alleviate some of the cost. 

Sounds pretty standard right?  Well, it can get exciting...busy...even stressful at times.  Deconflicting events so there are not multiple cars shows on the same weekend; or, as President, attending several events in the same day or even on the same weekend...It can look and feel chaotic, but it's also awesome to see all these organizations giving back when they are the people who have already given so much.

Remember these are Service Members, Veterans, and First Responders...Soldiers, Marines, Airman, Sailors, National Guardsmen, Police, Paramedics, and Firefighters. They have put their lives on the line day after day in ways few of us will ever understand. Yet, here they are, working hard to give even more to our amazing community.  These are the people, the families, that help make our community so wonderful.

How Can You Help?

All these organizations, including the NAVFOC, need volunteers and funds to operate; so, supporting each other's fundraisers is very important.  But, we all need more great folks like you to join us and help support our Service Members, Veterans, First Responders, and their families.  Links to our affiliates are listed here, on our website.  You are sure to find an organization that you would like to support financially or as a volunteer, or both!  Sometimes you'll get hot, maybe cold, and almost certainly tired; but, I promise your reward will be monumental.

Please check NAVFOC.org routinely to see what's happening and join in the fun!  It just might be the time of your life...I've had a few!  I have been a part of NAVFOC since 2005 and I've loved every minute.

Come back and visit our blog soon to read about the NAVFOC affiliates and their events!  And remember to check out the calendar to plan what you can attend and join the fun yourself!

Beverly Lowe

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Mission Statement

The North Alabama Veterans and Fraternal Organizations Coalition mission is to serve as a venue and communication conduit for member organizations, providing information sharing; a common voice for the member organizations on matters of common interest; coordination and sponsorship of events and activities of interest to the member organizations; and coordination of activities for charitable and educational purposes in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code Section 501c(3) or other appropriate regulations.